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Classes usually fill in less than 5 days. Stop in and discuss your fitness and self defense goals with Sifu Willis - A 4th Degree Black Sash and 35 year veteran of Kung Fu.

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Something different is happening here.

Getting fit doesn’t work if you only focus on fitness. And going it alone should never be a sign of strength. Our coaches support you in a way no one else can with the best fitness and holistic help inside the school – and out. And our community of members are waiting to meet you.

  • Support

    Every member gets a free, resource plan when they join. Our friendly, professional staff is trained to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need.

  • Training & Tools

    Together – we can make healthy happen. That’s why we offer personal training and classes when you’re here, and the right tools to keep you on track when you’re not.

  • Community

    You’re not just joining a gym. You’re joining a supportive community of like-minded people who are here to give you the encouragement you need.