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Thursday, February 02, 2023 11:36:02 pm(UTC-7)

A.L.A.N. was designed to solve one of the most significant failure points in a premium-positioned health services business - that names in a spreadsheet don't pay your bills... unless they show up to an initial introductory discussion to get to know you and your business. Unfortunately, less than 10% of leads ever make it to this step which represents one of the highest ROI improvements a service business can generate.

If you could increase your sales without spending more on advertising or upgrading your team's skills, would it change the health of your business?

A.L.A.N. delivers on a single, but powerful, objective - to increase the number of people who "walk through your door" (in-person or virtually) ready to buy.

  • Automated customized and personalized campaigns developed by some of the top client acquisition experts in the country
  • Omnichannel platform which blends the ease of FB Messenger with higher engagement levels seen with SMS (vs. email)
  • Leverage cutting edge data science to identify patterns and customize messaging to increase likelihood the prospect will show
  • Replaces the need to hire, train, coach, manage, and pay someone to fulfill the same function - and it never takes a day off or calls in sick
  • ALAN offers each user cost savings as a baseline with upside of potential out-performance as evidenced to date (30%+ lead to show rates)
  • So good that marketing agencies have easily implemented ALAN as a new revenue stream which helps deliver value to their clients and competitive moat for themselves

Also, included with A.L.A.N. is some of the best and time-tested sales training on the market to help you close those leads at a higher avg sale ($650+ up front) and turn them into long term customers.


Artificial Lead Automation & Nurture